Dot's Entertainment was the second Further Adventures of SuperTed episode that was broadcasted in the US on The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera in 7th February 1989 and broadcasted in in two parts on BBC1 in the UK on 15th January 1990 and 17th January 1990.

While SuperTed celebrates the Rio Carnival, Billy and his father are in the primitive Brazilian rainforest, discovering that the mythical Polka Dot tribe actually existed. But when Billy's father goes missing SuperTed comes to the rescue and Spotty finds himself the focus of some 'legendary' attraction.


  • Danny Cooksey as SuperTed (US version)
  • Pat Fraley as Spottyman (US version)
  • Derek Griffiths as SuperTed and Narrator (UK version)
  • Jon Pertwee as Spottyman (UK version)
  • Robbie Lee as Billy
  • Rob Paulsen as Billy's father
  • Howard Morris as Polka face
  • B.J. Ward as Polka-Hontas
  • Brian Mitchell as US Narrator and the Poker Elder
  • Arte Johnson as the hummingbird