Dr. Frost voiced by Hamilton Camp is a main antagonist of The Further Adventures of Superted-Leave it to Space Beavers. He has a henchman called Pengy voiced by Frank Welker. Dr. Frost first appeared in Superted meets Doctor Freezing Frost in Superted annual 1988. He & Pengy have evil deeds so they plan to tell the space beavers to come and have a taste. Then Dr. Frost tells the space beavers a lie about Superted & Spotty who make troubles so Dr. Frost, Pengy & The space beavers tie Superted & Spotty on the log. Dr. Frost & Pengy turn the outside ground into the ice. But Superted, Spotty & The space beavers have to go to Dr. Frost's ice-cream house. Then they battle Dr. Frost & Pengy. The first ray bounces off the mirror turning Pengy into a giant icicle and Pengy dies. Superted, Spotty & The space beavers defeat Dr. Frost with the strawberry ice-cream. Soon, Dr. Frost starts to cry.