Knox, Knox, Who's There? is the third episode of The Further Adventures of SuperTed


US Broadcast DateEdit

  • 14th February 1989 on The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera

UK Broadcast DateEdit

  • 22nd January 1990 and 24th January 1990 in two parts on BBC1.


  • Danny Cooksey as SuperTed (US version)
  • Pat Fraley as Spottyman (US version)
  • Derek Griffiths as SuperTed and Narrator (UK version)
  • Jon Pertwee as Spottyman (UK version)
  • Victor Spinetti as Texas Pete
  • Frank Welker as Bulk and Speckle
  • Melvyn Hayes as Skeleton

Videos it had appeared onEdit

  • The only US video release by Hanna-Barbera Home Video along with Leave It To Space Beavers, Ruse of the Raja and Phantom Of The Grand Ol' Opry
  • The second UK BBC Video release with Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere.