110 Minutes of Christmas Crackers14. SuperTed In Texas27. SuperTed goes Round the Bend
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Spotty and the IndiansSpotty and the Indians/GallerySun
SuperTedSuperTed's DreamSuperTed's Dream/Gallery
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SuperTed- 3 Full-Length Videos on 1SuperTed- Three Full Length Videos on One Tape.SuperTed- Three Full Length on One Video.
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SuperTed Goes Round The BendSuperTed Kicks Up the DustSuperTed Meets Father Christmas
SuperTed Meets Father Christmas/GallerySuperTed Volume 1SuperTed Volume 2
SuperTed and Mother NatureSuperTed and Mother Nature/GallerySuperTed and Nuts in Space
SuperTed and Nuts in Space/GallerySuperTed and Tex's Magic SpellSuperTed and The Pearl Fishers
SuperTed and Trouble in Space: Part OneSuperTed and Trouble in Space: Part One/GallerySuperTed and Trouble in Space: Part Two
SuperTed and Trouble in Space: Part Two/GallerySuperTed and the City of the DeadSuperTed and the City of the Dead/Gallery
SuperTed and the Crystal BallSuperTed and the Crystal Ball/GallerySuperTed and the Elephant's Graveyard
SuperTed and the Elephant's Graveyard/GallerySuperTed and the Giant KitesSuperTed and the Giant Kites/Gallery
SuperTed and the Gold MineSuperTed and the Gold Mine/GallerySuperTed and the Goldmine/Gallery
SuperTed and the GorillaSuperTed and the Great HorrendoSuperTed and the Gun Smugglers
SuperTed and the Gun Smugglers/GallerySuperTed and the Inca TreasureSuperTed and the Inca Treasure/Gallery
SuperTed and the LumberjacksSuperTed and the Lumberjacks/GallerySuperTed and the Magic Word Part I
SuperTed and the Magic Word Part I/GallerySuperTed and the Magic Word Part IISuperTed and the Magic Word Part II/Gallery
SuperTed and the Pearl Fishers/GallerySuperTed and the Pothole RescueSuperTed and the Pothole Rescue/Gallery
SuperTed and the RattlesnakeSuperTed and the Rattlesnake/GallerySuperTed and the Stolen Rocketship
SuperTed and the Stolen Rocketship/GallerySuperTed and the Train RobbersSuperTed and the Train Robbers/Gallery
SuperTed and the WhalesSuperTed at Creepy CastleSuperTed at Creepy Castle/Gallery
SuperTed at the FunfairSuperTed at the Funfair/GallerySuperTed at the Toy Shop
SuperTed at the Toy Shop/GallerySuperTed in ChinatownSuperTed in Texas
SuperTed in Texas/GallerySuperTed in the ArcticSuperTed in the Arctic/Gallery
SuperTed on Planet SpotSuperTed on Planet Spot/GallerySuper Safe with SuperTed
Superted's Bumper VideoSuperted-Nosau Di-Gwsg 1989Superted: Superted and the Lumberjacks
Superted: The Special EditionSuperted Annuals from the 80's & 90'sSuperted Wiki
Superted and the Ice Gun transcriptSuperted and the Magic Word transcriptSuperted transcript
Tempo VideoTexasTexas Pete
Texas Pete's RocketTexas Pete/GalleryTexas is Mine
The Biggest Ever Christmas VideoThe Biggest Ever Superted VideoThe Further Adventures of SuperTed
The Further Adventures of SuperTed: Leave It To Space BeaversThe Further Adventures of SuperTed: Phantom of the Grand Ol 'OpryThe Further Adventures of SuperTed 2: Knox Knox! Who's There?
The Further Adventures of SuperTed 3: The Mysticetae MysteryThe Further Adventures of Superted-Leave It To Space Beavers VHS in the USThe Further Adventures of Superted lyrics
The Heroic Adventures of SupertedThe Mysticetae MysteryThe New Adventures of Superted
The New Adventures of Superted: Crystal Ball - plus 4 more adventures!The New Adventures of Superted: Funfair - plus 4 more adventures!The New Adventures of Superted: Giant Kites - plus 4 more adventures!
The New Adventures of Superted: Pearl Fishers - plus 4 more adventures!The New Adventures of Superted: Pothole Rescue - plus 4 more adventures!The Original Adventures of SuperTed
The Original Adventures of SuperTed- SuperTed Goes To TexasThe Original Adventures of SuperTed- Trouble in SpaceThe Original Adventures of SuperTed: Special Edition
The Original Adventures of Superted: Special EditionThe Original SuperTed Bumper EditionThe Video Collection
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