My Best Friends is a 1993 children's compilation which is supported for the BVA and NCH chairities in the UK


  • Noddy:Noddy's New Friend
  • Rupert and the Kinght (Excerpt)
  • Rosie and Jim: Automata
  • Postman Pat's Birthday
  • The Herbs: The Chives Catch Colds
  • Fireman Sam: Brass Band
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears (taken from Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes)
  • Astro Farm: Astro Dragon
  • Spider: Panda Comes to Stay
  • SuperTed Kicks Up the Dust
  • Pingu's Circus
  • Paddington: Do-It-Yourself
  • Sooty's A to Z of Animals (Excerpt)
  • Tots TV- Camel (Excerpt)


  • Noddy's New Friend is misspelled as Friends because he only made one new friend in the actual episode.
  • Spider Comes to Stay was actually the episode of 'Panda Comes to Stay'. hence why Panda is miswritten on the cover.
  • the detail for the Fireman Sam episode Brass Band on the inside cover and the children's voice interview closing credits was copyrighted by S4C-Channel 4 Wales in 1988 but that actual Fireman Sam episode was made and copyrighted by S4C in 1990.
  • The back cover states that the Tots TV episode 'Camel' is featured, but instead of the whole episode, it shows the first few minutes of that episode.
  • The Chives Catch Colds episode of The Herbs is missing the 's' on the end of the title.
  • Scampi is mentioned in the intermissions about Sooty but he does not appear in the excerpt of 'A to Z of Animals' from Learn with Sooty.
  • Sage the Owl, Constable Knapweed, Pashana Bedhi and Tarragon the Dragon are seen with Parsley the lion, Dill the Dog and Mr. Onion in the Herbs image on the back cover, but are not seen in the actual episode of The Herbs shown on this video (The Chives Catch Colds).
  • Podgy Pig, Algy Pug and Pong-Ping are pictured with Rupert Bear and Bill Badger on the Rupert image on the back cover but are not seen with them in the 'Rupert and the Knight' excerpt that is shown on this video.
  • The title card for 'Rupert and the Knight' has been cut out between the end of the intro and the start of the excerpted episode.