Spottyman (nicknamed Spotty) is the second main character and protagonist in the series.

He is an alien who comes from the planet Spot, where his parents and his sister, Blotch, still live (it's very hot there). He collects cosmic dust and is always asking SuperTed to tell him his magic word (he keeps promising that he won't tell anyone else). Spotty can be quite accident prone and SuperTed is always helping him out of a spot of trouble. If Spotty gets flustered then he starts stammering. He travels around space with SuperTed using his Spotty Rocket, and his rocket pack. Like SuperTed, he doesn't need a spacesuit and helmet to survive in space.

He voiced by the late Jon Pertwee.

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Spotty was born on the planet Spot where he lived with his parents, younger sister Blotch and his many relatives.

During one of his explorations on Earth, he passed a toy factory and saw a teddy bear in a storeroom. He entered and brought the bear to life with a special mixture called Cosmic Dust.

He then took his new friend to a magic cloud to see one of his friends Mother Nature. She gave the bear special powers which lead to the creation of SuperTed.

Since then Spotty has helped his friend fight against evil on Earth and the rest of the galaxy.

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  • Jon Pertwee who voiced Spotty was best known for portraying the Third Doctor in Doctor Who and grumpy scarecrow Worzal Gummidge.

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