Superted: It must be cold, the tea's frozen Spotty: Brr! It feels a bit nippy, today. Let's have a nice cup of tea! Narrator: Later... Spotty: No wonder we were cold, the treehouse is surrounded by ice! Strange! It wasn't there this morning! Superted: It must be the work of Texas Pete! Narrator: Nearby... Texas Pete: I can see I'm gonna have me some fun with this ice gun, boys! Narrator: Meanwhile... Superted: I'd better get after Tex before he does any more damage! Follow me, Spotty! Narrator: Meanwhile down below... Texas Pete: I'll blast that Spotty twit before he flies off! Bulk: Good shot, Tex! Spotty: Great moons of spot! I'm frozen solid! Narrator: Next... Texas Pete: Got him! Superted: Bubbling Blancmange! My rocket boots are frozen! Texas Pete: That's the last we'll see of that Furry Pest. Let's go, boys! Superted: Phew! Lucky I had a soft landing! Narrator: Soon... Superted: Don't worry, Spotty! I'll melt the ice! Spotty: I feel like an ice lolly stick! Narrator: Tex's gang took a short cut... Bulk: What trigger, Tex? ...Ooops! Texas Pete: Watch you don't touch that trigger, Bulk! Superted: Now's our chance. Texas Pete: You idiot! You've frozen the river solid! Bulk: Ooer! Eh? Superted: You don't need all that extra weight, Bulk, let me help! Texas Pete: Oh, no! Narrator: Much later... Superted: Ha, Ha! That ice gun's great for making giant ice lollies! Spotty: Slurp! This is one idea I can't lick! Narrator: Meanwhile... Bulk: What now, Tex? Skeleton: Our lovely ranch! Texas Pete: Suffering cactus! Skeleton: Ooh! It's 'orrible and cold! My tongue tingles! Bulk: Erk! My tongue's stuck to the ice! Texas Pete: There's only one thing for it... start licking!