Spotty: It says in your Brochure 'Sail and surf on the safest sea in the universe'! Blue alien: So what sea could be safer? Bulk: This fake tree is my best disguise yet! Superted will never spot me! Narrator: Soon... Bulk: H-How did you spot me? Superted: Hiya, Bulk! Just a wild guess! Texas Pete: ...Heh, Heh! For once we made a clean getaway, Let's head for the secret hideout. Bulk: ...Uh, Tex! Where is the secret hideout? Skeleton: The hideout's so secret, we can't find it! Texas Pete: I knew it was the first left at the pass and not second right at the gulch. Bulk: Hello! Hello! Hello! S'funny I can't hear an echo! Texas Pete: Keep your voice down fatso! I'm not deaf!